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Spanish Reports Show Their Disgust Towards Sepp Blatter

Spain is not one happy country at the moment and are lasing out toward Sepp Blatter after his continuation of depriving Spain of any awards.

After having decided to give the World Cup to Russia over the combine bid of Portugal/Spain, Spanish reports are fuming that the FIFA Ballon d’Or was given to Lionel Messi instead of Xavi or Andres Iniesta. Claiming that either of the Spaniard players were more worthy of the award than Lionel Messi, Spanish reports went on to share their thoughts of the man who seems to be ruining FIFA in a majority of minds,

“(Blatter) had the chance to once again show his ill-will toward everything Spanish. Only a few days ago he left us without the chance to organize the World Cup by instead opting for Russia and yesterday he left us without a prize that Spanish football deserved.”

Do you think that FIFA is corrupted? Should Sepp Blatter be forced out of the office? Who would you have given the World Cup host and Ballon d’Or award to? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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