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Spanish Giants Receive Favorable UEFA Champions League Draw

Well they say that every dog has his day and in the case of the La Liga giants the expression is most certainly true.  Last Friday the UEFA Champions League teams were broken up into their sixteen team knockout match-ups and out of all the major leagues none was as lucky as the La Liga squads.   Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla were all able to avoid Serie A and Premier League squads and all three will be playing against squads not as well known for UEFA Champions League success. 

Now I’m not saying that it will be a drop in the bucket to advance to the elite eight second round of knockouts (remember Real Madrid lost to a third tier team earlier in the year in the Coppa del Rey), but avoiding clubs named Chelsea, Manchester United, Inter, Arsenal, AC Milan, or even Bayern Munich never hurts your chances of advancing to the next round.

Real Madrid was likely the most unlucky of any of the La Liga squads and they will be matched up against French squad Lyon during the next round which takes place in February.  Barcelona was slightly more fortunate with their match and will face German squad VfB Stuttgart and Sevilla was likely considered the luckiest team on paper with their match against Russian squad CSKA Moscow.

Now of course their are no guarantees that these teams will win, but it likely will not hurt La Liga this season that they will not have to face any of the other perenial UEFA Champions League giants.