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Spain's World Cup Preview: The Team

campeonesTHE PAST

Spain is the Chicago Cubs of the World Cup and the tremendously talented football nation is still in search of their first ever World Cup.  The closest the nation has ever come to hoisting the trophy was in 1950 when the squad finished in fourth place.  In the last two World Cups the Red Fury has finished in the second round and the quarterfinals.  The side did recently experience a 35 game winning streak including a Euro 2008 title.  The three year streak was broken by the Yanks in the Confederations Cup last year.  Spain finished in third place in the event and has qualified for nine World Cup finals in a row.


Spain has several of the game’s best players in their respected positions including Iker Casillas of Real Madrid in between the posts.  Many consider Casillas to be the best keeper in the world.  On defense Puyol leads the unit alongside Sergio Ramos.  The midfield is among the best in the world with Xabi Alonso, Xavi, Iniesta, and possibly Cesc Fabregas if he can regain form in time.  Up top few can match the three headed monster of David Villa, David Silva, and Ferrando Torres.  The Red Fury is currently ranked number one in the world and are the first ever nation ranked number one that has never won a World Cup.   


Spain has the most respected line in the Cup of 4 to 1 odds and although that doesn’t give you the best payday it is certainly the safest bet this season.  The country recently did not lose a match for years and their WCQ record of 10-0 should further prove that they are ready to reverse the curse.  The side is the most talented roster in the tournament and they have no obvious weaknesses in their lineup.  Some of their backups could start for any other team in the world and they have the hunger to win.  I think if there ever was a year for the Red Fury then it is this year.  The team is a likely finals candidate and I think they will face Brazil in the semi-final and possibly Argentina in the final for the Cup this summer.

But then again I’m just a Yank and I’m just throwing these predictions out there.  

Creative Commons License photo credit: Darco TT