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Spain's World Cup Preview: The Debate

Spanish fansGlass is Half Full

Spain will win the World Cup this summer because the time has finally come.  The squad has been beyond any reasonable doubt the best team since the last Cup took place and they have only lost a single match in the last three years.  Also they won Euro 2008 and that is usually considered as good a sign as any regarding how a team will fair this Cup.  Also their 10-0 record in the WCQ is only matched by a few other teams and they possess many star players from the world’s best team (Barca).  Spain will finally hold the Cup in their grasp simply because the feat has been long overdue and the squad truly is that good.  They have tremendous depth, the best keeper in the world, and so many wonderful offensive performers it is hard to know even where to begin.  Also 4 to 1 odds says this team has at least a 25% chance of winning.  That’s good. 

The Glass is Half Empty

Spain will not win the World Cup because they never have before and they are well known for choking in critical matches during their history.  Sure the club won Euro 2008 and between 2006 and 2009 they were basically unbeatable, but this is 2010 and the club already will not have one of their star players in the lineup in Cesc Fabregas.  The Red Fury has shown a knack for playing as a team and being successful in international matches, but when it comes to the huge matches they have too many guys that will want the ball and they will breakdown as a team.  And if you think the Spanish are still unbeatable then allow me to remind you what happened to them in the Confederations Cup.  Sure a few stars were missing, but Spain lost to the U.S. 2-0 and that isn’t acceptable.  Spain could win the Cup, but considering they have never reached the final I would bet on another upset. 

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