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Spain Brings the Pain Once Again

The World Cup is a time of triumph and heartache.  Over the last few weeks football fans from all over the world have heard about the powerhouse squads that will likely miss the coveted tournament.

Argentina, Portugal, France, and the Czech Republic are just a few of the excellent squads that will most likely watch the Cup from home.  And with one dominant teams failures comes an underdog’s hopeful run. 

Well that isn’t the case for powerhouse Spain.

The currently ranked number one squad according to FIFA is downing opponents left and right.  On Wednesday night, Spain became one of the first European squads to seal a World Cup bid.  The club won over Estonia 3-0 to improve their record to 8-0 in the European qualifier.  The result was good enough for the squad to claim the Group 5 table with 24 points earned. 

Cesc Fabregas was the Man of the Match.  The key midfielder was the man that scored the go ahead goal in the first half of the competition and Fabregas also set up the second goal of the match in the second half as well when he crossed a ball to Santi Cazorla’s right foot to take the 2-0 lead in the 79th minute.

The match was not Spain’s best (they scored twice in the last eleven minutes of regulation), but between their record and goal differential Spain may be the squad to beat this World Cup.  Usually considered the Boston Red Sox of the Cup for their disappointing results despite great squad,  Spain looks to end their World Cup draught with a victory this upcoming summer.