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South Africa Just A Breath Away

The biggest sporting event in the world (the FiFa World Cup) is for the first and maybe last time taking place in the beautiful continent of Africa. After missing to host the 2006 event, South Africa and by extension Africa will look to make 2010 the best tournament ever to have taken place in a World Cup series.

There is doubt that World Cup fever is catching on amongst locals and for many it will be a chance for them to see some of the biggest football stars live in action. This event seeks to embody the spirit of the African people which is friendliness, warmth and unity as is evident of the logo itself.

A lot of skepticism was evident from the start when African countries presented their bids to host the 2006 event, with many critics saying an African World Cup was impossible due to the heavy logistics and costs involved. Many arguments were made that the state of the continents infrastructure was deplorable and that crime and insecurity would undermine the status of the event.

But with only 9 months left before the kick-off whistle is blown, all doubts that once lingered seem to have disappeared. It is now certain that South Africa will host the tournament.

Africa has exported exceptional talent to Europe and the likes of Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, Michael Essien and Radhi Jaidi are now relishing the opportunity to become heroes in their own homeland, It will truly be an experience of a lifetime and we cannot wait to open our gates to the world