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Something Spectacular!

The ‘spectacular sporting project’ that Florentino Perez envisioned might just be starting to gel smoothly. The question however is if this new ‘galacticos’ era will bring Madrid the titles they have very much craved for. There is no doubt that with players such as Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo Real is a formidable side although I still feel that their glory days are long gone.

During Perezes first stint as club president from 2000-2006, we saw him bring in the likes of Figo, Zidane and Ronaldo and fashion a very strong side under coach Del Bosque. Now he is doing the same thing albeit with a younger side. The problem that arises is if his new squad can master the art of playing as a team. It’s still early days in La Liga and Coach Manuel Pellegrini should not be fooled into believing that he can win the title without any challenge from Barca and the rest.

Don’t get me wrong I think Real is a great club but I just don’t see them going all the way in the Champions League. Their experience or lack of it is their major hurdle. In the previous era, we had Figo, Zidane and Ronaldo who won the world player of the year award a combined 7 times compared to this squads 2 (Kaka and Cristiano).

Again selling Michell Salgado was not the best idea. Creating a new side does not mean getting rid of all your strongmen. The sale of all Dutch players except Ruud was also a bad decision. I still think Real were better placed to stick with Robben and Huntelaar. Robben’s ability to attack on the flank is unparalleled and they will surely miss the depth of his performance in crucial ties. Let us hope they make it to the final that will be held in their very own stadium.

P.S. I am desperate to see Kaka score a goal. He needs to start scoring before the media gets on his case.