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Soldado Hoping for Euro 2012 Call Up, Support Torres for National Team Return

Valencia’s marksmen Roberto Soldado is cherishing his chance in the Spanish national team and is hoping that he can get a spot for the upcoming Euro 2012 although the striker admitted that it won’t be an easy task.

Soldado revealed that he is ready to compete in getting a place by continuing his goal scoring form with his club, as that’s pretty much what will give him the attention from national team’s coach, Vicente Del Bosque.

Soldado revealed that the next three months will definitely be the defining moment for him as his performance during that time is the determining factor on whether he can official broke into the Spanish squad or not. The striker stated that if Del Bosque eventually listed him on the squad for Euro 2012, he will give everything and making an advantage out of that selection, so he could stay for a long time with the national team.

“I really wanted to get into the national team squad but I knew how hard it would be. But I’m finally here now. The best way to judge a striker is by their goalscoring record. That will show whether you deserve to be here or not.I have scored a significant number of goals and I look forward to continuing in the national team,” Soldado explained. “But the competition is fierce and the next three months will define if I play in Euro 2012. If I get a chance, I hope to take advantage of it.”

Despite acknowledging there’s a fierce competition in getting a spot for the national team’s attacking position, Soldado apparently cared more about Spain’s interest as he even gave full support towards one of his competitors for a spot, Fernando Torres. Although, the Chelsea man is currently out of form, the former Real Madrid youth believed that Torres could still be an important part of the national team, and simply hoping that the ex-Atletico Madrid man will be playing in the Euro.

“We know how important Fernando Torres is for the national team. We hope that he is there for Euro 2012,” Soldado added