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Soccer City Still On Track

If you are like me then you just can’t wait for the kick-off whistle on June 11th. The mood here in Africa is one of immense excitement. There is a feeling that this might be the year that African countries stump their authority in the world game.

With only 104 days left until the opening match gets under way at Soccer city in Johannesburg, FIFA has raised some concern with the South African Organising Committee (LOC) for what it considers as the slow manner in which the venue for the opening match and the final is being developed.

Jerome Valcke FIFA secretary general led a delegation of top executives to South Africa this week to assess the countries readiness to host the World Cup. Although not amused that Soccer city has not been completed Valcke remained hopeful that this World Cup would be one of the best.

Presently, 2.24 million tickets have been sold and the LOC hopes that all the tickets will be snapped up before the tournament begins. FIFA president Sepp Blatter very clearly stated that South Africa, was the first and last option. That there was no plan B. I have no doubt that South Africa will host a fantastic event what i have a few reservations with is whether our so called power houses will rise to the occasion and give the fans what they are craving for.

To win the tournament will be no easy affair however, it is a possibility. Underestimate  the rest of the 7 top seeded teams Spain, Brazil, Holland, Italy, Germany, England and Argentina at your peril. This is the advise i can give Ivory Coast and the rest.These nations will be out to add an important trophy to their cabinet, so each and every nation that has qualified should be well prepared.

Photo credit: Coda