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Soccer at Warp Speed

Today I’m reading an article at MLSnet.com about Dallas committing to what the writer called “attacking” soccer.  I like to call it “Soccer at warp speed”.

Let me give you some background.  Soccer was the only sport I played as a kid and I played like a lunatic.  We ran hard, we kicked hard, we tackled hard (I even once broke a kid’s leg slide tackling him.  It was probably just bad luck our parts, but I wasn’t messing around and neither were my teammates.)

Then I sat down to watch most of UEFA 2008 with my infant (because she didn’t sleep in those days) and we caught a ton of matches (most of them featuring the Spaniards) where they were all over the place and I found myself saying “Now, that’s how you play!”  It caught on in our house quickly and we watched with delight as the Spanish team won UEFA 2008.

I got to thinking “Shouldn’t everyone play like that?”  “What if US Soccer looked more like that?”  Perhaps that would give American fans the blood and gore they’re looking for.  You know what?  Even if it doesn’t bring American fans into the fold (which feels like an impossiblity) it should show us what fun Soccer can be and how inspired you can play.  The Spaniards did more than win UEFA 2008…they won it with flair.  They opened the flood gates.

Well, when Dallas is scoring 4 2nd half goals in a 6-3 win you KNOW they are on to something.  This is one of those times that I hope Soccer in America is more like American Football (a copycat league.)  If everyone started playing like Dallas did, the games would instantly get more competitive across the board.  Imagine a tour de force Soccer match that makes you feel like you’re watching a Tennis Match.  More back and forth than you can stand.  The crowd in stitches for all 90 minutes.  The players collapsing at the end of matches in exhaustion.  Coaches having the change their entire substitution strategies.  That’s exciting stuff!

I know, I know, everyone has their own style of play, but really?  How can you argue with 4 2nd half goals?  I know I can’t.  Even if you can, you can’t argue with the excitement that “Soccer at Warp Speed” brings along with it.  It’s its own party!

Dallas, congratulations to you!  You may have uncorked massive potential in the MLS that could erupt into an offensive renaissance that we haven’t seen before.  Keep it up fellas!