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So, What Next For Italian Football?

I guess by now you know that the Serie A’s most outspoken and often times controversial manager Jose Mourinho has a 99 per cent chance of joining Real Madrid this Summer. After guiding the Nerazzurri to a historic treble, Mourinho has all but given his clearest indication that he will not be coaching the European champions next season.

Speaking to the press in the post match interviews, Mourinho stated that after winning Europe’s prestigious club tournament with two different clubs, he would like to do it with a third (Real Madrid).

What would the special one’s eminent departure from Inter Milan mean to the Italian version of the beautiful game? Well, for starters, its appeal would significantly go down. The Serie A seems to be losing its biggest stars ( both players and coaches) to Spain and just like Kaka, the moment Mourinho leaves Italy, you can be sure to expect another decline this time in the number of people who watch Italian football.

There is no doubt that the Serie A is struggling to compete with the likes of England and Spain for a huge fan base. Mourinho’s character was what kept the Serie A entertaining this season and the league might have lost their biggest source of revenue.

Mourinho’s character attracted many people to the Serie A and this in turn increased the number of viewers watching the games which ultimately lead to more advertisers promoting their their products and services through lucrative television deals with the Italian FA. So, you don’t have to be a genius to realise that a league without Mourinho results in very big losses.

It will be a shame to see the state of Italian football further declining that it already has. Moreover, if clubs like AC Milan and Juventus do not realise that you have to spend money to get the good results, then next season might see the death of Italian football.