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So That’s Why Hiddink Ran His Mouth

A couple months ago I destroyed Gus Hiddink in this very same space for saying that he could totally do Rafa Benitez’s job in Liverpool…you know, while Rafa STILL has a job.  I thought it was in very poor taste then and now I have lost even more respect for the man.

He announced today that he was leaving the Russians at the end of his contract this summer.  Basically, this is the same as holding up a sign that says, “I knew I wasn’t coming back, but I wanted to keep everyone on edge”.  I think at this point we can’t really trust anything this guy does or says.  Let’s say he goes to the Premier League and resurrects some stumbling club…good for them.  But they will be playing with blood on their hands because this dude is trouble.

Imagine if he comes to your club and makes a miraculous turnaround.  Do you think I’m going to be able to think for one second that your club is going to succeed when it counts?  No.  Why?

Because every player on your club is a grown man who knows better.  Guys can say they don’t read the papers or pay attention to the news, but that’s a lie.  They know that he was running for someone else’s job and they know that this is someone they can’t totally trust.  So, when the chips are down will anyone who plays for Hiddink TRULY believe in what he’s doing?  Nope.

It’s a shame really.  He could have just come out and given a list of a few places that seem like fun, qualified that statement by saying they all had great coaches, and said he wasn’t going back to the Russians.  Noooo, he couldn’t do that.  This guy likes drama and his drama is coming to your club sooner than you think.