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Sneijder Still Believes In Inter’s Revival, Order For Unity

Quel simpaticone di WesleyStarting the season in a messy condition, Inter Milan are in need of an immediate morale boost after picking up another defeat last weekend, acknowledging this condition, the club’s star midfielder, Wesley Sneijder hopes that his team can get the victory needed this Tuesday when Inter face Lille.

Flying to France in the midweek Champions League tie is never easy for any team, but Sneijder believes that nothing more than a win might be good enough to lift the low morale that the Nerazzurri players are currently having.

Sneijder revealed that in order to do well, Inter must play as a unit instead playing individually which apparently what’s happening at the club in the last few matches. However, the Dutch midfielder is very confident that the club can get back on shape starting from this midweek, because they finally can play with a much more complete team with the return of several important players from injury.

“This is perhaps the first game that we have a complete squad available – apart from [Diego] Forlan. Wins are the most important thing and it is time to start fighting all together, once again becoming a team. In these situations you have to win and nothing else. At this time we have to play as a team. We are more or less the same group as two years ago when we won everything,” Sneijder stated. “We must all work hard and have to help out more, but I’m not afraid of the situation. I have good feelings for and trust in Inter. We will emerge.”

The Dutchman also believes that things will also soon goes well for them in the league since the season is still long and anything can still happen in the future. However, Sneijder acknowledged that in order to get back in winning ways, the team’s mentality must also be improved since having bad results made them really nervous in the pitch and that eventually leads to inability in controlling the game.

“The situation is clear and under the eyes of everyone watching we have not done well in Serie A. Four points in six games is something nobody expected at the start of the campaign, but we have all season to recover,” Sneijder added. “It is also a matter of the mind – if you don’t win, you are nervous. Everyone who has returned must be united, to run and fight together. We must continue to keep control of games. “


Creative Commons License photo credit: alemaxale