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Sneijder Does Not Want To Rejoin Real Madrid

Inter Milan attacking midfielder Wesley Sneijder knows that rejoining Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid side would be the perfect fit for the UEFA Champions League Midfielder of the Year, but Sneijder desires to remain with Inter considering they were the organization that wanted him around when Real Madrid believed he was expendable with the addition of Kaka from AC Milan last off season.

And Sneijder was obviously hurt that the squad transferred him away despite his pleading to remain with the squad. But in the end it appeared to workout just fine for the Flying Dutchman and if he stayed with Real Madrid who knows what would have happened last season. Perhaps Los Blancos would have not been trophyless and perhaps Inter would not have won the treble.

But when it comes to moving back to Real Madrid, it is quite clear that Sneijder is still bitter about being moved away from the ambitious squad. The Clockwork Oranje star stressed his desire to seek a new contract in Italy rather than joining up with his former coach in Spain.  Sneijder wrote the following statement on his Twitter account:

We’re talking about a contract extension with Internazionale because I wanna stay here in Milan. I hope that these agreements will be taken as soon as possible. I rule out a return to Real Madrid because I haven’t forgotten the events of long ago. Real Madrid is a very strong team coached by a coach who made me win all trophies with my current team. I repeat for the umpteenth time (I wouldn’t repeat again) that I’ll be at Inter this season and if I renewed my contract, I’ll be with Internazionale until the end of this.

And Sneijder still awaits a potential new deal from his current side. Inter officials recently admitted that the acquisition of Kaka would be a “good idea”, but did not suggest that they were actually attempting to obtain the Brazilian. If Sneijder were to become available soon on the transfer market Real Madrid would likely have to battle several EPL sides for the attacking midfielder. Manchester United is reportedly seriously interested in acquiring the playmaker. 

One thing remains certain about Sneijder’s future places to play, though. Real Madrid doesn’t seem like a likely place for the Flying Dutchman to end up.