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Smith Will Remain Rapids Coach In 2009

The Colorado Rapids recently removed the “interim” tag from manager Gary Smith’s title and made him their next official head coach.

Smith did a fine job managing Colorado down the stretch. During a period when the Rapids could have just packed it in and fallen to the bottom of the table, he rallied them to a 5-4-2 finish (they were 6-10-3 under former coach Fernando Clavijo) and got them one goal away from the MLS Playoffs. Even more impressive, he led Colorado, who is usually dominant at home but deplorable on the road, to three away victories during the month of September.

The Rapids have also re-signed defensive midfielder and MNT stalwart Pablo Mastroeni. Mastroeni, when asked about his new deal, stated:

“When I got in my car this morning, I thought about the training session and thought about what I needed to do to be the best player at training session today. Those are feelings I haven’t had in many, many years.”

Geez Pablo, that’s not exactly what fans @ the Dick want to hear from their captain. Of course, they want to hear you will try to be the best you can be now, but I’m sure it doesn’t tickle them pink to learn you haven’t wanted to be the best player you could be for “many, many years”? I knew Clavijo wasn’t getting the most out of his squad, but yikes. Mastroeni is held out as an example of dedication to others, but his statement makes it appear like he’s been lolly-gagging around the last few years.

But, Mastroeni’s veteran leadership and renewed sense of duty coupled with Smith’s injection of offense into an otherwise defensively-minded team should result in the Rapids continued improvement in 2009 and beyond.

Now, just one more question:

What is going on with C. Gomez???

Was he benched? Did he refuse to play? Is he trying to be traded?

Why do the Rapids not play the 2006 MVP?

If someone knows, please holler @ me. This question has haunted me now for far too long.