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Slovenia's World Cup Preview: The Debate

Arrow of Sunlight.
Creative Commons License photo credit: seeks2dream

The Glass is Half Full

Slovenia will win the World Cup because of films like The Natural, Rocky, Cinderella Man and Rudy.  Nobody knows anything about these guys and all they do is beat worthy opponents in critical matches.  Still nobody thinks they can even advance to the second round of the tournament despite the fact that they already beat the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia in the WCQ.  It seems as if teams are thankful when they play this club and in fact Slovenia had the strongest defensive performance of any club in Europe over the qualifier.  They will remain off of the radar and England and the US will spend too much time focused on their battle.  A couple draws and a victory over Algeria and they are off to the races.  Most critical Cup matches end in low scoring battles and Slovenia has what it takes to make it that kind of match.  

The Glass is Half Empty

If Slovenia wins the World Cup then cats and dogs will actually fall from the sky.  I would say that the likelihood of being kicked in the nuts by a complete stranger is about the same as the odds of Slovenia winning the World Cup.  If you are truly a believer of the underdog then tell me this one brain buster of a question.  Name three players on Slovenia’s team without going back to the Roster Grades blog.  The truth is that Slovenia has been around for a couple of decades and they are one of the smallest nations in the Cup.  France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and England could all field a backup squad that could probably take it to this group of nobodies.  Sure they stopped the Czech Republic, Russia, and Poland, but what about the best teams in the world right now?   Slovenia will not win the World Cup because The Natural was in fact a movie and in the book the old guy strikes out.