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Slovakia's World Cup Preview: The Debate

Arrow of Sunlight.
Creative Commons License photo credit: seeks2dream

The Glass is Half Empty

Slovakia has never made it to the World Cup, so if you think they really have a chance of winning it then you have lost your mind.  The club did defeat some great teams to earn a spot, but with no experience on the big stage in their history you can be sure that these boys will be awe-struck just to be on the pitch with the Italians.  They have 250 to 1 odds of winning making them among the least likely in the tournament.  I think 500 to 1 odds is more fair to what will happen.  Slovakia will not be goose-egged though.  The nation was lucky enough to get New Zealand in their group.  But wining two matches just isn’t going to happen this year.  The club can’t handle Paraguay though.  And they will be done in the first week. 

The Glass is Half Full

Slovakia may not have a team full of big name stars, but they did beat three strong teams to earn a World Cup berth this year.  And the new country might be able to take advantage of being under the radar this year and they might shock some people the way they shocked Poland and the Czech Republic.  Can you really claim that Paraguay is any stonger then their European group?  Marek Hamsik is a special player and he will lead the club much like he has lead Napoli to wonderful results this year.  Slovakia may not have a lot of name power, but they will play like a team and give opponents headaches this summer because that is what they did in the WCQ.