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Should Ronaldo Be Given The Number 7 Jersey?

Absolutely not! In fact, i think Real should retire the shirt number in honour of one of its greatest players. Raul spent an incredible 15 years with Los Blancos winning numerous titles and making history on a number of occasions and it is only fair for the club to respect his contributions. Ronaldo shouldn’t even glance at that shirt number until he he matches or surpasses Raul achievements.

In most of Europe’s big clubs, the number 7 jersey just like the number 9 and 10 jersey’s possess some mystical powers for the players who wear them. In his 6 seasons with Manchester United, Ronaldo wore the number 7 jersey to good effect winning the Premier League thrice and the Champions League once.

To be honest, Ronaldo should not even be wearing the number 9 jersey. It does not match his technique. He is better of sticking to his original number 17 jersey. Speaking to the press after their first pre-season training session in LA, Ronaldo stated that he would love to wear Raul former shirt number.

“I would like to have the number ‘7’ shirt and I’m sure Raul would be happy if I had it because he knows how I am and how I think,” the 25-year-old is quoted as saying by Realmadrid.com at a press conference following los Blancos’ first training session in Los Angeles.

“Raul was always an important player to Real Madrid. He made the decision that best suited his interests. He is a great professional and I’m sure he will play at a very high level.”

Just for the record, there is no doubting Ronaldo’s talent however, the world’s most expensive player should be cautious in his approach with this matter. Raul is not only considered an icon in Real but also in the entire country.

If Ronaldo thinks he can replace Raul in that respect, he is dead wrong. Its only been one year since he joined Madrid. Instead, he should concentrate more on helping them win titles first before he compares himself to one of the greats.

Photo credit: from chiva508