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Should Pele Just Shut Up?

Brazilian legend Pele seems to be not backing down on the whole Messi-Neymar debate. For only the umpteenth time, Pele has once again made his voice heard on just who he prefers between the pair.

Now, much as their is reason for Pele to simply mind his own business, i agree (to some point) with what he has to say this time. Speaking during celebrations to mark Santos’s centenary, Pele said that Messi would only become the best player in th eworld once he became better than Neymar.

“Now everyone is talking about Messi, he is a star. But [to be the best ever] he must first become better than Neymar,” he said.

“At the moment Messi is just more experienced.” You [journalists] are always saying that I am Maradona’s rival, but it is not true. I was never his rival, and he was a great attacking midfielder,” he concluded.

If you have watched Neymar play then you obviously know that the boy is very talented. In fact,  if anything, Messi’s experience is the only real factor that differentiates them.

That said, there is no taking away from the Argentine’s performances. I mean, to ignore them would be insane. Scoring 60 goals (and counting) in one season is no easy feat. It’s sad but the Argentine will still walk away with the FIFA Ballon d’Or award this year to make it 4 in a row and create a new record in the process not because he does not deserve it because he does, but rather because their is no player currently (with the exception of Ronaldo) who can compete against him. In fact,  levels of commitment from players nowadays has fallen so far down that all they think about is money.

Back to Pele and his shocking statements. During the same celebrations, the 71 year old said that the only reason Brazil have not won an Olympic medal this far is because he did not feature in any of the teams.

“Do you know why we do not have a gold medal? When I started playing I was 16. When we started, professionals could not play in the Olympics. Brazil have never won an Olympics because I never played.”

Now what do you think, should Pele just keep off such comments, or is he justified in making them? Because to me it seems like the more he talks the more he alienates himself even from his own die hard supporters.

photo credit © Vagner Campos