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Should Messi Win The World Cup To Be Considered World’s Best?

So Messi became the first player to score 5 goals in a single Champions League match, that is great, however, despite not being the kind of player to rest on his laurels, the Argentine star should enjoy his time at the top while it lasts (and it will last for sometime), because there are hungry youngsters all looking to steal the limelight from him.

It might only be March, but it is hard to see any other player except for Cristiano mounting up a strong challenge for the FIFA Ballon d’Or title this year.  Messi’s only other real threat comes in the form of Neymar, however the Brazilian starlet has decided to stay in Brazil for another 2 years, leaving Messi with nor real competition in Europe.

Certainly in Europe Messi will continue to dominate for years to come. He is only 24 years old however, he is already 4th Behind Raul, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Thierry Henry as the tournament’s highest scorers.

However, when it comes to international titles the Argentine’s record is not too impressive. Apart from winning the U-20 championship back in 2005, Messi has not had any other notable success with the Senior side something that is raising concern among pundits and fans alike.

Should the Argentine wizard win the World Cup to be considered the world’s best or are his exploits for club enough to earn him that title? Of course, this debate has taken new dimensions since his epic display on Wednesday.

Many still hold Brazilian Pele as the World’s greatest player for obvious reasons, however, with a couple more years under his belt, Messi is on course to become the greatest player but to do that, a world cup must be won and 1000+ goals scored (just my two cents).

Truth be said, the statistics speak for themselves and anyone who refuses to acknowledge that is simply choosing to be ignorant. Until any player can match Messi’s stats, he is undoubtedly the best, world Cup or no world cup (however winning it would cement his status).

Photo Credit © vanher_33