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Shocking Calciopoli Revelations

Revelations emerging from the Calciopoli trials in Naples are making many Italian football fans relive the inglorious 2006 match fixing scandals that saw Juventus, Fiorentina and Milan suffer heavy penalties for allegedly designating match referees to oversee their games. Juventus were the heaviest losers then as they were relegated to the Serie B, with fellow heavyweights Milan and Fiorentina starting the 06/07 season with deducted points.

The man at the helm then Former chief of Italian football Franco Carraro is said to have issued orders to the effect that referees should not help Juventus. Milan on the other hand have been accused of not only speaking with match designators but also with referees. How quickly things change.

Inter Milan are also involved in this melee. The Calciopoli suspect that the Nerazzurri were involved in designating match referees. But what seems to be startling everyone is how FIGC (Italian FA) president Franco Carraro called referee designator Paolo Bergamo telling him that ‘Juventus were to be sent a referee who would not help them during a game in the build up to a Lega Calcio election’.

Below is part of the evidence shown shown live on the Diretta Stadio programme on television channel 7Gold.

Carraro: Please I recommend you ensure he [Rodomonti] doesn’t help Juventus because it’s a very delicate time for us at the Lega. Please, ensure it’s an honest affair, but make sure there are no mistakes that could favour Juventus. Don’t help Juventus.

Bergamo: Don’t worry I will speak to him about it. I will call him after he finishes training tomorrow.

Carraro: Just make sure he doesn’t make any mistakes because if he does and it favours Juventus then it would be a disaster.

Such evidence is not only incriminating but it also shows how the state of football in the once powerful and most desired league in the world has become deplorable. The whole management of Juventus must be fuming to know that they may have been punished for a crime that they did not commit. This is bad news ahead of their derby d’italia at the San Siro tonight.