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Sevilla Will Tackle a Tough Test This Week

Sevilla can't disappoint their fans by dropping this one against the Rangers

In the Champions League Sevilla enters their short break from play in the Spanish Premier League and will begin Group play against the Rangers of Scotland today.  This is a highly anticipated match, for me, because I am interested to see how Sevilla will respond to going 4-1 to start the club season and being right behind Barcelona and Real Madrid.

With Barca rolling and Real Madrid not losing pace I’m hoping that a change of scenery doesn’t effect Sevilla’s ability to keep up with the two bigger squads.  Playing a Scottish team in the Champions League at Ibrox Stadium in the middle of your club schedule is not exactly fun.  Moreover, they have Real Madrid on Sunday.  Don’t you think Sevilla already has a big enough bullseye on them?  Now they’ll have to follow this game against the Rangers with a major test against Real Madrid. 

You can guarantee that Madrid wants to make sure their club starts to get some distance from the middle-of-the-pack clubs and they can’t do that by losing to Sevilla. 

With the Rangers near the top of their own league we can bet on a high-octane match that will leave both teams gasping for air by the end.  (The Rangers have scored 13 goals in 8 matches [and three of those were 0-0 ties])  I think we see now that the Scotsmen will not be messing around.

The attacking style coming from Scotland meeting a team that has scored 14 in 6 matches…yes, you heard right, should give us a very exciting match.

These two clubs are in for a dogfight and each one has to go home and shortly after to play a tough match in their league.  Sevilla squaring off with Real Madrid on Sunday, hoping to keep pace with them and the Rangers going nose-to-nose with Celtic (the 1st Place team in the Scottish Premiere League) on Sunday to see if they can keep pace.

I don’t want to call these two clubs desperate, but I will call them driven.  One is going to leave disappointed today and they will go home with a clear sense that they CANNOT LOSE their league match.  The other will go home thinking they CAN WIN their league match.

If Sevilla loses to the Rangers and goes home thinking they can’t lose…they will, bar none.  I’ll call it now and write a review before Sunday.  If Sevilla wins then they can go home thinking they can win…and they probably will.  

You can’t win it all early in the season, but if you’re not careful you can lose it all.  Sevilla is playing a Rangers team that is hungry and if they aren’t careful they could adversely effect their entire season’s momentum with one bad game.