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Sevilla welcome two players back as they exclude 3 from this weekends match

Great news for Sevilla as both Federico Fazio and Jesus Navas are both back into full training again, with the club, after having spent time away while nursing an injury.

Jesus Navas has been struggling a lot since the start of the season, as he was facing issues with his ankle. Although at one point it looked like he may have to go under knife, to get his ankle repaired, thankfully it wasn’t as bad as they expected which would have seen him out of action for 6 weeks.

Although Sevilla will welcome 2 players back, Andres Palop and Tiberio Guarente have been listed out in the club’s next match where they will travel to Camp Nou. Palop will be looking to recover from hamstring issues as Guarente will be excluded due to a concussion suffered during Monday’s training session. As for Fernando Navarro, he will be missing this weekend’s trip due to a red-card issued to him in Sevilla’s match against Athletic Bilbao.

With Jesus Navas and Federico Fazio returning to full training, it really shouldn’t take that long until both players make their way into the starting XI. However, despite the fact that both players are back regularly with the club, neither of them have been included in the starting XI against Barcelona.

Think Sevilla will slowly climb the standings again now with the return of Navas and Fazio? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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