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Sevilla Up Two Goals Over Getafe in Copa

die waerterin und ich
Creative Commons License photo credit: loop_oh

Sevilla hosted Getafe in the semi-final leg of the Copa del Rey on February 3rd and the powerhouse club that struggled in early January regained their form and took a 2-0 lead over the surprising seventh place squad in the two match aggregate score.  The second leg is set to played on the 10th and will be hosted by Getafe.

Luis Fabiano scored the first goal of the match for Sevilla.  He headed the ball off of a cross into the box and the shot sailed over the keeper’s head into the back of the net.  As a celebration Fabiano paid homage to the Sevilla club president by sporting a hat in the same style that was waiting for him on the sideline.  It reminded me of the Joe Horn cell phone act that the wide receiver performed about five years back when he ripped a cell phone out from underneath the goal posts and called his kids while in the end zone.  And props are no longer allowed for celebrations in the NFL because of it.

The second goal of the match came off of a deflection near the goalie that banked right into the side of the net.  It was a tough break for Getafe especially since they had a few near misses early in the match.  They had two different shots that hit the post in the match (one on an open net) , but Sevilla is a club known to play tough defense and they got the vital shutout at home.  Up two goals in the competition, Sevilla knows that a win or draw on Wednesday means they are heading to the final.