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Sevilla Throws Away Their Momentum

Sevilla FC - Athletic
Creative Commons License photo credit: comcinco

There isn’t a whole lot of cheering by the “barbers” today…

Sevilla went and beat Valencia last week and I thought they were back on track.  I even went on and on about how they could capitalize on their schedule and get back into the hunt.  So, what did they do this weekend?

Lose to Zaragoza. 

Now, I know that anybody can beat anybody on any given day, but I think it’s pretty unreasonable for Sevilla (a team that has won the Spanish title recently) to be losing to teams that face relegation like Zaragoza does.

Now, we’re left in the quagmire of what to think about where the division is going.  Mallorca jumped Sevilla this weekend into 4th place by one point, but that is really the race for the “consolation prize” known as 4th.

Sevilla’s momentum just got transferred to Mallorca, Coruna, and Bilbao as they fight for that 4th place spot.  In their next 3 matches they play Getafe, Osasuna and Mallorca. 

Don’t you think that Mallorca is going to be chomping at the bit to get a shot at Sevilla to push them down far enough to make their deficit insurmountable?  YES!

Then, after Mallorca gets done with them Real Madrid gets a shot at Sevilla at the beginning of March.  I’m afraid it’s too late for Sevilla now…

Meanwhile, Mallorca doesn’t have another REAL test until March 28th against Barca.  By then they could afford to lose to Barca because they could be comfortably tangling with Valencia for 4th.  Yes, Coruna would have to take a fall as well, but Mallorca is in a good position.

It will only take one good move for Bilbao or Coruna to slip and fall into a black hole and leave Mallorca soaring.  Ever since these few teams came out of nowhere I’ve been wondering who would be able to sustain a run on the table and Mallorca looks to be in the best position to do that.

I hope Mallorca can hold it together because that would be a good dogfight between them and Valencia.  Let’s hope for the best!