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Sevilla Smacks Around Coruna

Stadio Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dionetian

Sevilla’s flag flies high…for now.

Sevilla put a 3-0 beatdown on Coruna in the King’s Cup yesterday and gave themselves a much needed “pick me up” even if this game doesn’t count on the La Liga table.

There’s something about “non-league” matches that can really help or really hurt a club.  Yes, Sevilla needed a win, but now they have to jump back into their league schedule with a shot at Almeria on the 23rd and a “must win” against Valencia on the 31st. 

Sandwiched between those two matches is a rematch with Coruna in the Copa Del Rey on the 27th.

Here’s my issue:  As much as I want to tell Sevilla “good job” I know that they are going to have a hard time with Coruna on the 27th.  Why?

Because they will have to struggle with an inferior club on the 23rd (Almeria), look ahead to Valencia on the 31st and then play Coruna AGAIN on the 27th. 

You don’t think Coruna’s going to be just a little “honked off” that they lost a Copa Del Rey match a team they jumped on the league table long ago?  I would be.  Can you imagine the pep talk in Coruna’s locker room before the rematch:

“Gentlemen, make no mistake, Sevilla is a good club, but we are better.  They had no business beating us last week and they don’t today.  Our only vengeance is to humiliate them and show them who’s in control.  They scored 3 goals and we will return the favor twofold.”

I don’t think there’s any reason in the world to expect Sevilla to beat Coruna twice in a row and I CERTAINLY don’t think Coruna will allow it.  There’s too much pride on the line given Coruna’s rise up the Premier Division table.

I said Sevilla would struggle and this is but one struggle of many that will happen between now and the end of the season…