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Sevilla Sacks Alvarez

And it appears that the time of the sackings has officially begun.

Sevilla has fired their manager Antonio Alvarez after a dreary start to the season in a shock move and the top four club from last season is replacing Alvarez with former Mallorca man Gregorio Manzano. Alvarez’s side suffered a 2-0 loss against Hercules on Sunday and the surprising new boys enjoyed their second huge upset of the season following their shock victory over Barcelona a few weeks back at the Nou Camp.

Alvarez was obviously off to an unsuccessful start to the season as a whole and the club was currently in 7th place with only 8 points earned in five matches. But the real reason why Alvarez was likely let go was the disappointing Champions League playoff leg against Braga that the fourth place side from last La Liga season lost. Already out of the Champions League and without a single home victory to date this year, the Sevilla front office felt it was time to let Alvarez go despite his successful Cup winning run in the Copa del Rey last season and of course Champions League berth.

But Manzano has taken over the reins immediately and the former Mallorca coach, who finished in fifth place last season, was one of the most coveted available coaches in the world following his side’s surprising form last season. Manzano could not agree to a new contract with his former side and several top teams had been considering offering the coach a deal.

It appears despite Alvarez’s success last season that Sevilla won the race for Manzano.