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Sevilla President del Nido says EPL competition much better than La Liga, Fabiano out of for 3 weeks

Sevilla President Jose Maria del Nido has gone on to openly admit that La Liga is no longer a competition that can compare to the likes of the English Premier League. As Jose still fights in order to stop the loads of income that Barcelona and Real Madrid receive from television rights, he feels that La Liga should follow the model of the English Premier League.

With Barcelona and Real Madrid currently in contract receiving large amount of sums due to a contract from television rights, del Nido has been one of the most out-spoken members that is against this rule. While other clubs aren’t receiving any extra luxury from other contracts like Barcelona and Real Madrid, it causes the other clubs not to receive as much revenue compared to the 2 best teams in La Liga.

“Sevilla are championing the fight for a better deal. Look at the Premier League results. Manchester United win 2-0, Chelsea lose 1-0 and Tottenham beat Arsenal at home. That is a league! Not Almeria losing 8-0 or Athletic Bilbao losing 5-1 at the Bernabeu. That is not a real competition. I call on all football fans to fight for a settlement of equal rights so that competition can exist and not sell the league from the opening day to the two largest teams.”

On another note, Sevilla were served with some devastating news as Luis Fabiano will be facing up to 3-weeks out due to a muscle injury. The injury came in Sevilla’s 2-1 loss against Mallorca and reports from the club have stated that the Brazilian striker tore a muscle in his right leg. With matches against Getafe, Villarreal and Paris Saint-German in Europa League action, this is definitely going to affect Los Nervionenses.

Think that del Nido is right in his arguments against the television contracts? Should La Liga do a better job in distributing the amount of money coming from television rights? Will Sevilla be able to pick up some much needed victories without Fabiano? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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