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Sevilla not looking to sell Luis Fabiano

Luis Fabiano have been on the eyes of many big club names in the past transfer window and this summer’s transfer window as well, but one club that has been trying to lure Fabiano for sometime now is Serie A side – AC Milan.

Although AC Milan have stated a numerous of times that club will be able to sign the Brazilian striker, Sevilla president, Jose Maria del Nido, has said once again that Sevilla are not looking to sell Luis Fabiano to AC Milan or to any other club for that matter.

However vice-president Adiano Galliani of AC Milan still feels strongly about the Italian club being able to acquire Fabino.

Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido went on to say the following to La Repubblica :

“We are negotiating with the player for the renewal of his contract. There has been no contact with Milan.”

Although Luis Fabiano still has a year left with Sevilla, Fabiano went on to say that, should Milan show interest in signing him, he would be open to making a move to the Serie A club.