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Sevilla Looks to Advance to Quarterfinals

Sevilla FC - Athletic
Creative Commons License photo credit: comcinco

Sevilla has had a slightly disappointing La Liga season currently trailing the leading teams by over 20 total points although they currently still hold down fourth place.  But today at 3:45 PM Eastern US time, the club has a chance to change that with a critical round of 16 victory over CSKA Moscow.  For a club that has struggled to find consistent form this season making it to the final eight slots of the UEFA Champions League would be a highlight of the season. 

Making it past CSKA Moscow doesn’t exactly sound like a tough objective, but keep in my mind two critical facts before you pass judgment on Sevilla’s current 1-1 tie after one of the two match aggregate competition.  First off, Moscow is currently well rested and with a different type of schedule then their opponent focused solely on the Champions League and not league play as well right now.  Secondly, this is a club that barely lost to Man United last round to earn the right to move on.  So in other words the Russian side isn’t that weak of an opponent.

Going into this week’s match I had previously predicted that Sevilla would win by a combined score of 5-1.  Well after a 1-1 tie away, Sevilla would need to really play well for that to happen.  I’m not one of those guys that changes my prediction though.  So expect Sevilla to roll over the Russian side at home.  They have the talent to do so and the home support.  The only question left is will they overlook the underdog?  I doubt it. 

Because this 90 minute interval is like a championship match for Sevilla.