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Sevilla Changes Its Bench Presence

20070517 Seville: futbol fan with flagTheir flag is drooping today…

Sevilla hasn’t won in 7 matches and Manolo Jimenez paid the price with his job.

Mallorca has jumped in front of Sevilla on the Premier Division table and now Sevilla is on the outside looking in for the Champion’s League.  They were able to play it the Champs this year, but if they’re out next year it just sets them back so far that Jimenez realistically couldn’t keep his job.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find good managers in international Soccer and now Sevilla has opened itself up to an exhaustive search for a new coach, the possibility of talent leaving in the summer, and the team being in “letdown” if it has to play in the Europa League next year.

I’m not sure if making the move earlier in the season would have helped Sevilla, but it seems like waiting has put them behind the 8-ball.  They drew Xerez–who is in last place in the Spanish Premier Division–and I don’t really think they saw that coming.

If this a team that has greater things to do and they just need to right manager to get them to do those things?


Is this a team in decline that needs a total shake-up before they become extraordinarily pathetic?

Personally, I think Sevilla is in decline.  They were find earlier in the season and now they’ve decided that they don’t know how to play Soccer anymore.  The team’s morale is going in the toilet and every available player who can leave WILL leave this summer.

Having the World Cup in South Africa just makes it easy for players and teams to mingle and deals will be made in private down there that could turn this club upside-down.

I’m not saying that Sevilla is going to die, but they’re starting a very painful rebuilding process with this firing.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Wild Guru Larry