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Sevilla and Moscow Duel Again

KremlinWith Sevilla and Moscow being tied at 1-1 it’s a winner-take-all duel in the Champion’s League on Tuesday to see who goes to the Quarterfinals.  Moscow has stood fast as they try to keep matches close with their opponents.  They’ve tied Sevilla and they only lost to United 1-0 in the group stage of the Champion’s League.  Plus, they aren’t the giant-killers of Rubin Kazan so they have alot more to prove.

Taking out Sevilla would be a MAJOR step in the right direction and could easily lead to a snowball effect that could see Russia move even deeper into the Champion’s League tournament.  Though it will be hard for them to fend off Sevilla is is entirely possible because Sevilla has its own problems.

Sevilla is BARELY in 4th place in the Spanish Premier Division and Mallorca is lurking close behind them.  Plus, they have fallen off an early-season pace that saw them working on getting very close to Real Madrid and Barca only to now be 20 points behind and in no position to make a charge to the top.

I would be pretty surprised if Sevilla could recover from all of the hardships they’ve had to deal with this season just to win a Champion’s League match–even this one.

We don’t typically regard the Russians as hardcore Soccer teams, but those teams could easily make a big push after Moscow takes this match.

I personally can’t see any other way that this can workout.  Breaking down the teams wouldn’t make any sense either.  Sevilla is down–Moscow is ready to take the bull by the horns and advance to the Quarterfinals, and  I fully expect something magical from them on Tuesday.

Creative Commons License photo credit: josef.stuefer