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Sevilla and Barca looking to Rebound

Creative Commons License photo credit: BARÇAHOLIC

This weekend Sevilla gets Racing and Barca gets Tenerife as each team seriously needs to get it together and stop the trend that I cannot explain…namely “We suck against bad teams!”

Sevilla and Barca get a chance to take a stand while Real Madrid has the weekend so that they can either catch up or stay ahead on the Premier Division table.  I’ve seen Racing play twice this season and each time I have been highly unimpressed with their lethargic style of play general lack of ability to get shots on goal.  If Sevilla has any pride at all they will keep the ball down on Racing’s end the entire match.

Barca and Tenerife will square off and give Barca ANOTHER chance to get even farther ahead on the table.  Real Madrid had a chance to jump Barca last week when all the good teams in the league but one fell.  Well, now that Madrid is off and Barca has another inferior team we should expect them to get it done.  The way they play the match will say alot about how they feel about their last match.

If they come out and try to do what they were doing last week then they will likely lose or draw AGAIN.  If they come out inspired with guns “ablazin'” then we can all assume that they got the message when they were drawn by Villareal.  (And we aren’t even going to talk about the loss they took to Sevilla in the Cop Del Rey.)

Sevilla has already had a chance to get a pick me up by defeating (as I said) Barca in the Copa Del Rey, but they have to beat an inferior team to prove to me that they don’t have this horrid disease that allows them to beat good teams and lose to bad ones.  I’ve seen Tenerife play just once this season, but in that one match they didn’t look like they had it together.  If you watch Soccer closely enough you can see attacking teams, teams that hold their position really well, neither or both.  Tenerife was kinda active, but they couldn’t hold their positions and it just blew my mind.  They almost weren’t playing like pros at all.  If Sevilla every had a good shot at a “pick me up” this is it!

We’ve got to see some improvement in focus from the better teams in the league or this is going to get messy in a hurry!