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Serie A’s Champions League Predictions For This Week

Let’s take a look at this week’s Champions League action for Serie A sides:

Roma VS CFR Cluj-Napoca

Roma is more desperate for a victory then any other Serie A side and considered their horrible start to the Serie A regular season, I would say that there are certainly no guarantees that Totti’s side will be back next season to compete in European footballs biggest league tournament. Roma has been one of the most disappointing teams this year in any major league and the current relegation bound squad also lost their first Champions League action 2-0 putting them in a tough situation to advance following their debut loss to a tough Bayern Munich side. Today they play an unknown squade that was victorious in their opener making the win that much more critical.

Final Score: 1-1 Draw

Ajax VS AC Milan

AC Milan has impressed in the transfer window this season, but the squad has yet to prove their great value in Serie A’s regular season. Part of the problem was the loss of Brazilian sensational scorer Pato to injury three weeks back, but considering all the star power they have they should be able to make a serious Champions League run. They won their debut match in convincing form and they need a win today considering that Real Madrid is still left unbeaten and the next available match for the Italian giants.

Final Score: Milan 1-0

Inter VS Werder Bremen

Inter suffered a draw in their debut match of the Champions League and considering how tough their group is they will need to beat the German Werder Bremen side today in order to establish a considerable lead. Rafa has one of the toughest jobs in professional sports and after last year’s treble the expectations for great things has never been higher. Look for the defending champs to begin their repeat run today.

Final Score: Inter 2-0