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Serie A Top Performers (Week 2)


We might have our first serious candidate for the SATO’s Best New Player in 2009/10.  New boy Diego of Juventus recently transferred over to Serie A from Germany.  The midfielder is a former player for powerhouse Werder Bremen who likely feel a little less powerful now that they have lost this star player.  Diego scored 41 goals for the German club in three seasons and the Brazilian showed off his goal scoring skills last weekend in a big road match against Roma.  Diego scored twice in the match, the first goal and the eventual game winner.  Juventus could use a jolt of offensive power and Diego seems to be the perfect antidote.

Julio Cruz

Cruz would score two times for Lazio in a victory over Chievo Verona.  The thirty-four year old is on loan from Inter and the two goals would be his first two of the season. Cruz, who only saw limited action in the first game of the season against Atalanta, was given the opportunity to start and the aging forward did not waste his chance.  Cruz tied the match with a penalty kick and then took the lead with another goal in the second half.  The vet was subbed out in the 59th minute following a red card from teammate Cribari.   

Inter Offense

Last week I praised the Bari defense for stopping this offensive juggernaut.  And to Bari’s credit they have continued to play tough D with a 0-0 draw against Bologna last weekend, but the sleeping giant of Inter has awoken.  Inter embarrassed Milan 4-0 on their own pitch and won without a single player scoring twice.  Milan did play a man down for a little over  half of the match, but Inter had scored two goals before the advantage.  Inter should continue to be an offensive force all year.