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Serie A To Finally Start After Interim Agreement Reached

La Juve derrotando al InterSerie A fans finally can breath a sight of relief as they will be able to see their favorite clubs in action again after the players association (AIC) and Lega managed to find an interim agreement allowing the competition to kick start at least.

Representatives from both parties have confirmed that the temporary deal has been reached until June 2012, so for the players will now start playing again, meaning that the Italian league new season is set to start on Friday, September 9 with a big match between Ac Milan and Lazio kicking it off.

The Lega president, Maurizio Beretta, stated that the interim agreement was reached without any much trouble despite the continuous disagreement before which cost the competition being delayed. Meanwhile, the AIC’s chief, Damiano Tomassi, also voiced out his happiness that everything can be agreed although it’s still temporary solution but Tomassi believes if the Lega didn’t break their promise, a long term deal could be concluded after the current agreement expired.

“The clubs have received a lot of what they were wanting,” Beretta said. “It’s an innovative agreement.

“We’ll play. You have to credit the players for the good sense they have shown in these talks.
If, as Beretta says, the clubs have received a lot, then there won’t be a need to discuss too much when it comes to the new deal which will be required once the interim one expires” Tomassi confirmed.

This news is obviously something positive for Italian football itself considering the cancellation of the first round pretty much troubled many teams preparation especially teams that are set to participate in European competition. Having the supposedly first match delayed, pretty much forced teams to arrange several friendly games in order to give the players some match fitness as training can’t really provide that kind of condition.


Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas