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Serie A Strike Looms

One week from now Serie A football will be taking a break.

In other words their will be no games next week unless the players union and league quickly resolve a problem that doesn’t appear to be very easy to fix. The players want absolute power on transfer deals (especillay in the last year of their deal) and they believe they should have the option to refuse a transfer move away from their contracted team if they do not agree with the selected destination. 

Serie A league officials find this to be ridiculous and refuse to budge on the issue and believe that the owners and front office of the club should have the final word on the player’s future. So it appears that there is still a lot of ground that needs to be made up for this strike not to happen on December 11-12th.  Players union representative Sergio Campana walked out on a meeting last week and November 30th was the official deadline for the deal to be finished by and that date was obviously passed.

The president of the governing body of Italian soccer (Giancarlo Abete) will join the two sides in a critical meeting this Wednesday with the Italian Olympic Committee, but if the two sides can’t come to terms by the end of this week then their might not be any Serie A league football going on anytime too soon.

Hopefully the league and the players union can agree to a new deal soon, but with the current reported relationship between the two parties being on edge it looks like Serie A football may have an extended holiday break.–