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Serie A Season Kicksoff

Yes, Serie A fans the wait is finally over.  And being that the season is kicking off this weekend it put me in a particularly good mood.  In fact it put me in a good enough mood to make a  complete fool out of myself. 

So I decided to express my happiness for the Serie A kicking off by writing this poem.  The poem is titled Serie A Football, simply because that is what it is about.

Serie A Football 

By now folks it sh0uld be clear,

That Serie A football is hear,

The fans are packed in their seats,

The keeper is ready for a clean sheet.

Italian announcers begin to ramble,

Sports addicts ready to gamble,

And the players take the pitch,

Except Beckham, he’s a b…. nice guy.

And we’ll miss some of our favorite Serie A stars,

And dodge fights with Premier League players in bars, 

Because now is the time to aviod such trouble,

And relax in your own football bubble.

Enjoy the day because the time is hear,

To root for your club stand and cheer,

Keep your fingers crossed and eyes on net,

Scream for your club without regret.

The players are ready to bang heads,

Serie A football will never be dead, 

With all the talent they have at home,

Yes this is near the end of the poem.

Serie A football is finally back,

Goalies and defenders are under attack,

You are the king and this is your court,

Three cheers for your favorite sport!