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Serie A Players To Go On Strike

After their earlier planned strike was averted, Serie A players have once again stated that they intend to go on strike on the weekend of December 11th and 12th.

The strike will mainly be used to address disputes concerning player’s contracts. The Vice President of the players union confirmed the strike. The September strike was called off to allow for negotiations with the Italian Football Federation.

However, talks have hit a snag. Speaking to reporters Mr. Leonardo Grosso Vice President of the Associazione Calciatore Italiana (ACI) ( the players union) said that no common ground had been reached by the tow parties.

“The strike has been called for December 11th and 12th. We are really disappointed because we were open to negotiate and to find common ground, but no agreement has been reached.”

The players do have a valid reason for calling the strike. Apparently it is becoming a trend in the Serie A when players reach their final year in their contract to be forced out on transfer.

They are now calling for protection against such actions which to be honest are demeaning to say the least. The players have also given a December 30 deadline for the FIGC to address their plight.

The weekend of December 11th and 12th carries very crucial fixtures like Palermo v Parma, Udinese v Fiorentina, Genoa v Napoli and Juventus v Lazio.

Photo credit: from ddeandlo