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Serie A Players Strike To Be Called Off

Some good news for all Serie A fans, the much publicised players strike that had been scheduled to take place on this weekend could be called off. This after league President Maurizio Baretta described on going talks as being positive.

The genesis of this strike lies with players feeling disrespected by their clubs when their contracts are about to run out. Apparently, it is becoming a trend in the Serie A for clubs to begin early negotiations with other clubs to the extent of even forcing out players.

Mr. Beretta and the Italian Players Association (AIC) held progressive talks yesterday emerging after several hours to inform the press that an agreement would be reached soon.

“We are one step away from reaching an agreement for the new collective contract.

“It has been a very positive meeting and I think it’s very likely that the strike will be called off. Finally, we have tackled the issues and we are in agreement on six points.

“The seventh point, that in relation to players out of squad, we are still trying to find a solution that does not give way to discrimination and that also includes punishments in case it is violated.”

It still remains to be seen whether the players agree to the terms brought forward by the concerned parties as a majority of them look eager to make true their word.

Mr. Beretta initially threw out the idea of having the problematic issues  being isolated and only dealing with the bulk of the agreement to opt for a more wholesome approach to the problem.

Photo credit: from testinadoro