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Serie A Players’ Strike Plan to Take Another Twist?

CIMG6867Just when everyone thinks that the players striker issues is going into the positive direction, reports in Italy suggested that things have been going into a twisted direction after the Players Association (AIC) abandoned a scheduled meeting with the Lega Calcio recently.

This snub has infuriated the Lega president, Mauricio Beretta, who slammed the AIC’s behavior in snubbing the meeting that was already being set up to clear up all of the remaining issues between the players and clubs.

“The Lega Calcio was disconcerted by the behaviour of the AIC, who decided to abandon the meeting,” Beretta said. “We consider it to be a serious snub. We are not ready to accept tactical moves aimed at sabotaging the agreement.”

Curiously the AIC’s decision to snub the meeting and acting like they still wanted to continue the strike plan doesn’t seem going along the way with the players who are the members of the institution as the latest confirmation from the footballers’ representative did suggested that the deal are already in place. The players’ current spokes person, Massimo Oddo, did recently stated that talk between the players and Clubs to officially cancel the strike plan is pretty much available, meaning that things are actually going well.

“There has been a serious breakdown, Oddo has been acting as spokesman for the Serie A players throughout this process and first launched the idea of the strike before the negotiations even began, Beretta added. “Yet Oddo now says there is everything needed to reach an agreement and avoid the strike. The worst way to negotiate is to abandon the table and refuse a meeting.”

Surely the Serie A players’ strike plan issues that have actually started few months ago would be a bitter pill to swallow for the league as things already goes into a positive condition as the Lega managed to cancel the actual strike that was scheduled to happen on match day 5. Having already revising the league schedule not long ago, should the strike plan really take place it would definitely cause more problems for the League administrator as they would need to relocate a new schedule for the Serie A.

It seems the discussion about players and clubs’ rights will keep going on for few more weeks even maybe months especially if both parties are still stubborn in forcing the issues of getting more from the other. All Serie A element are surely looking even more curious if the next couple of weeks should both AIC and Clubs still fails to get a proper solution as nobody would enjoy witnessing a strike actually happened in the league this season.

Creative Commons License photo credit: russelljsmith