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Serie A Picks of the Week

A few weeks back I claimed to have “summoned” the spirit of Nostradamus.  I figured that announcing such an amazing phenomenon to the SATO world would give me some extra credibility as a prophet foreseeing future Serie A Picks of the Week. 

I must admit that the whole spirit summoning proclamation was a “scam”.  Like our friend, Miss Cleo, at our sister site PLTO I was indeed a false prophet taking advantage of people’s naive judgment. 

But what I never expected was that the majority of my picks would be right.

  After two weeks of picks the Yank is doing great with a 13-2 record.  Or should I say we have a 13-2 record.  But what about this week?

Milan should bounce back against new boys Livorno with a 2-0 road victory.  In our SATO Match of the Week, I like Juventus to beat Lazio on the road 2-1.  Whoever wins this one will be one of the few unbeatens squad left, but Juve is just strong enough to be the club to win a close hard fought competition.  Speaking of strong clubs, Inter should embarrass Parma 4-0 despite Parma’s strong start this year. 

Fiorentina is another good squad who should be able to handle struggling Cagliari 2-0.  Atalanta, also a down and out club, will lose once again and Sampdoria should remain an undefeated club so far this season with 2-0 win.  Roma will WIN a game.  Should I say it again.  Roma will WIN a game against Siena and they will do so on the road too. 

Palermo will finally give Bari an L in the loss column with a 1-0 victory.  Udinese will get their first win of the year against struggling Catania.  Bologna will also be granted their first victory against Chievo Verona.  And in the final match Genoa will remain perfect with a victory over Napoli 2-1.