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Serie A First Week Is Officially Called Off

Rhein Energie Stadion  KölnAfter series of unsuccessful meetings, between the players association in Italy (AIC) and the Lega Calcio boards, finally a disappointing outcome arrived for Serie A fans as the first week of the league had to be called off due to players strike.

The final attempt to reach a solution didn’t happened until Friday, morning so the players association decided to go on with their strike and refused to take on the pitch for the first week of Serie A, a disappointing decision that according to the AIC’s president, Dammiano Tomassi, could get worse if agreement still can’t be reached.

“We tried right up until the end, but all the attempts were in vain, The players are disappointed as they can’t take to the field. But the Lega has been after this for 18 months. I get the impression that if a solution is not found soon then it won’t take 15 days to resolve, the gap in between Week 1 and 2, but months,” Tomassi said.

The issue that have been causing dispute between the AIC and Lega Calcio is regarding two key points over a collective bargaining agreement, the first is about the power given to coaches to freeze out players from training, separating them from first team if they are no longer needed; while the second is about the payment method for a new solidarity tax for high earning players, which seemingly become the hardest point in making an agreement being reached.

As for the first point, the AIC obviously doesn’t want that point being allowed as they hope that clubs won’t give different treatment over players, who are no longer needed and they also must not be forced out from the club against their own will. Meanwhile, for the second point, the players reportedly wanted clubs to give their contribution in paying some of the tax for the players, while most of the teams pretty much refused to do since they don’t want to shell out more cash for taxes.

Among those two disputed points, the second one is likely to be the main hurdles between the Lega and AIC in trying to reach some sort of agreement. However, considering there are so many at stakes with this kind of silly action, both parties better do something fast as the whole fiasco could really upset so many people, from fans, Television, and sponsors.

A temporary solution apparently was being suggested as the last effort by AIC last night but until this morning an agreement still can’t be reached as the Lega felt that the solution offered isn’t actually settling any matters between both parties. The FIGC president, Giancarlo Abete, also warned about the danger over future matches, which supposedly started after the international break, if those disputed parties can’t reach an agreement as soon as possible.

“It is not clear why we should sign an agreement modelled on the bridge of the original dispute, said Lega Calcio boss, Maurizio Beretta.
“The possibility of a longer strike is a problem to be resolved. There is that risk when thinking about future games,” Abete stated.


Creative Commons License photo credit: mjohn2101