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Serie A Calls For Emergency Meeting

Serie A has officially hit the panic button!

The Italian Players’ Association and Serie A officials have been summoned to an emergency meeting by Italian Football Federation president Giancarlo Abete. The meeting is set to take place on Tuesday and the league officials are hoping to avoid this weekend’s upcoming strike by the players.

The players of course already nearly striked earlier in the season, but it was temporarily called off when the two parties agreed to push back the date of their collective bargaining agreement to November 30th. Since then not much has been finalized by the two sides and apparently they are still mountains apart on some serious issues that have become prominent in the league.

The biggest issue appears to be contract control in the last season of a player’s deal. Clubs often sell away the rights to players in the final year of their contract and the player’s believe that this is not fair and they should be able to control where they will go next. There are a few other points that also need to be hammered out, but this is the crucial one.

It’s been a rough meeting process recently between the two parties and the upcoming strike will be hard to avoid considering the bad relationship that has developed between the players union and the league. Last week one key players union representative stormed out in the middle of a meeting between the two sides and this week they were rumored to be headed to the Italian Olympic Committee just to attempt to solve some of these problems.

Hopefully they get some resolution by the end of this week, but tomorrow will be a very important day for the hope of football this weekend in Italy.