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Sergio Ramos Revealed His Preferred Position

Sergio Ramos no llegaReal Madrid defender, Sergio Ramos is known for his versatility at the back as he is able to play in several positions mainly as a right back or center back, but the player admitted that his actually much more comfortable in playing as a right back.

However, Ramos revealed that he won’t have any problem should his coach in Spanish national team, Vicente Del Bosque or even Jose Mourinho decides to play him in the center of defense.

Ramos himself has been tried out as a center back in some games both with Madrid or Spain national team, but the ex-Sevilla man considered he is much better in the right side of the pitch. The defender claimed that when playing as a right back he has pretty much proven more as he was playing in that position when La Furia Roja, became Euro and also World Cup winner.

“If I have to play at centre-back, I’ll do it without any problems. I have adapted and feel comfortable in the middle, but I am a World and European champion at right-back,” Ramos stated.

Ramos’ statement pretty much arrived after there’s speculation stating that Del Bosque might be trying out the 25-years-old back in the middle of defense, something that has been done in Spain’s previously done. It seems that the uncertainty regarding Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique’s physical condition, might eventually triggered La Furia Roja’s tactician to put the former Sevilla defender as a center back throughout the entire Euro 2012 fixtures.

Moreover, the defender’s choices of playing as a right back rather than central defender is actually a very interesting statement, considering there’s many people who actually wanted to see him more in the center of defense. Apparently Ramos’ love of going forward in a game might eventually be the reason why he opted to play as a right back instead filling the center back position which usually only provide limited time in venturing forward.


Creative Commons License photo credit: Jan S0L0