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Sergio Canales Not Liking The Bench But Will Not Leave Bernabeu

Another Real Madrid player is not happy on the bench as Sergio Canales spoke about his unhappiness with the lack of playing time he has been getting. Although with Ozil, Di Maria and now Kaka all on the pitch, life for Canales as a first-team for Mourinho is highly unlikely to happen. Although Canales will definitely be first-team material for a number of other Champion’s League clubs, the Spaniard is not giving up hope in becoming part of the starting XI.

“I’m not happy, but I’m not going to leave Madrid, only fight and work hard to get more opportunities.  Playing in Madrid is complicated and I knew it would not be easy. I came with enthusiasm and was aware that playing for a big team is very complicated, because there are great players and competition is high. So I have to try to exploit all my opportunities. With the team and the coach I am very happy. I wish I had more minutes, but you have to work hard.”

A number of teams would take interest in signing Canales and although leaving Madrid is not on the table for Canales, he should consider a loan move elsewhere. Still a very young and raw player, Canales can definitely be a future product of Madrid but he must find a way to get in some playing time and with so many experienced playmakers in the club, his chances of becoming a first-team regular is a far reach.

Think that Canales should consider a loan move elsewhere? Will Madrid do better with the young Spaniard on the pitch as a starting XI? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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