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Sergio Busquets Wins Oscar

Stars for one nightBarcelona midfielder Sergi Busquets deserved an Oscar in the 28th minute of his Champions League semi-final match against Inter Milan last week.  The twenty one year old made a dive so great that Daniel Day Lewis would even be proud.

The Spanish midfielder flopped as he fought for the ball with Inter’s Thiago Motta.  The Inter defensive midfielder shoved him in the neck and was quickly sent off when Busquets pretended to be hurt for a few minutes.  The young Barca regular rolled around on the ground acting as if his nose was broken.  Of course his nose was never touched in the incident and the referree clearly did not see what had happened.

But Motta should have known better then to give Sergi the role of a lifetime in the play and he suffered the consequences of his push with his hand to Sergi’s neck and face.  The contact was minimal, but the result was monumental.  Barca was up a man and pressured the Inter defense for the rest of the match.

But in the end Inter hung on and advanced to the next round and I must admit that they deserved to win despite the early sending off.  Although Barca is the better team, Inter should have never been a man down in the first place.  And Busquets should have never taken his acting to such a brilliant level. 

But I guess diving has become part of the game and bad officiating has always been an uncontrollable factor.  After all even Motta himself claimed before the match that Barcelona had a tendency to dive at times.  But like I said before Motta took the risk and because of Sergio’s wonderful acting talent he will be left off of the Champions League final roster.

It is a bad break for Motta and Inter especially considering nothing was physically broken on the pitch.  But such is life on the football pitch.  But if I were Sergio Busquets I would watch my back next time I’m on the pitch with Motta.  It’s called method acting and I don’t think Sergio would be much of a fan.


Creative Commons License photo credit: steepways