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Serbia’s World Cup Preview: The Debate

Creative Commons License photo credit: .zoe

The Glass is Half Full

Serbia will win the World Cup because they have the most underrated squad in the entire tournament.  Think about it.  The team already outdueled France and Romania in their qualifying group and they did it by scoring more goals and playing better defense in the statistics.  The club has several starters for respectable teams in big leagues and in fact has several of the games best players located in their lineup (see Vidic and Stankovic).  But what really makes Serbia the ultimate wildcard is that nobody really knows what they are dealing with.  Most people don’t think that the club is capable of getting out of the first round and that is just fine with them.  After all they already got this far.  So much of the pressure is off of the underdogs.

The Glass is Half Empty

Serbia did beat out France and Romania and they did deserve their World Cup berth this year, but the country will be lucky to survive the first round of the tournament.  You see France and Romania struggled to perform at their peak level this WCQ and Serbia was the benefactor of this fact.  Sure Vidic and Stankovic are great, but perhaps you need a star player up top in order to win the Cup?  After all not many years was it won by a club like Serbia where most of the players chip away at the goals scored with one or two.  I think in an event as brief as the World Cup you need that Vidic type of talent on the offensive side of the pitch as well.  Serbia will continue to be challenged this summer especially considering their bracket.  Germany is a guarantee to move on, Ghana has a little more of the home field advantage aspect going, and Australia has a brilliant run last World Cup.