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Senna want's to raise trophy this season

Spanish midfielder, Marcos Senna, has expressed his desire to win the title with Villarreal this year as his career looks be coming to an end. With Senna unsure if he will be able to sign again with the Yellow Submarines, the 34-year-old hopes this year, will be the year that they will be able to life the trophy.

Marcos Senna went on to say the following in an interview with Reuters:

“I have had a very nice time here, and I have had the chance to play in the Champions League, but the club’s main target, and mine, is to win a title. Ultimately, if we can secure a spot in the Champions League it would be a huge accomplishment and I think people would be very happy if this were to occur again. But the goal is to have a great season, and of course a title would not be bad. We are second, and maybe people think that we can get between Barcelona and Real Madrid, but we know that these teams are not part of our war. We will see what happens at the end of the season, and now we have to think of our matches against Poli Ejido and Sporting.”

 Although Senna would love to play for another year at El Madrigal, he admits that he does not know if he will receive another year with the club. Senna continued with the following,

“It is too early to talk about renovations, the league has just started, but if I do a good job things will get easier for me to stay here.  The coach is counting on me, and I hope that from next year I will continue for another season.”

Do you think that Senna will be offered another year at the club? What are the hopes of Villarreal lifting the trophy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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