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Send in the Troups!

EGOActors put themselves through a lot of pain and anguish just to nail the perfect role.

Many actors gain or lose up to 50 pounds just to look the part and once many of these talented people are cast in a feature film they are put under extraordinary pressure just to be in the right state of mind nearly every moment of every day that they are on set.

In other words being an actor may look easy enough, but it is no cakewalk and only the strong ones survive the chosen career path.  And just to make the popular profession that much harder to break into, the majority of actors make less then $5,000 a year sharpening their craft.  Being an actor is actually not as glamorous it sounds to most folks and finding consistent work in the profession is a rather hopeless proposition.

But not if you are in China right now.

The North Korean national team has a fan shortage around the world.  The unpopular communist country doesn’t have enough global supporters to go to matches and the large majority of the residents of the country cannot afford a trip to South Africa and besides even if they could make the trip they likely would not be granted permission due to a lack of receiving a passport from their homeland.

So due to this lack of a fan base the country decided to undergo a rather strange remedy to their problem.  Next door neighbors, China, agreed to contract 1,000 Chinese actors to portray fans of North Korea in South Africa this summer.  The acting troup will root for the underdog nation and remain in character the entire trip to the African nation.

The acting troup is referred to as the “Fans Volunteer Army” and several of the actors will be seen on TV holding signs and wearing North Korean colors in support of the team.  In other words the two nations have done everything they possibly can to create an authentic fan base in the nation during the monumental event this summer.

The one problem is that despite these Chinese actors wonderful interpretations of the North Korean way of life, none of them will actually be from the nation they are pretending to root for.  And that makes it a bit of a lie doesn’t it?

But I guess this untruth is a big part of the life of the actor in the first place.

Creative Commons License photo credit: h.koppdelaney